Tableau Statistics

Profit in the United states & in Utah

This comprehensive map depiciting the overall profits of each state in the United States. On average, the country is making progess. It is interesting to not that some of the largers states, like Texas, are losing profit in the respective categories. As I currently live in utah, I am pleased to see that it is making a profit.

As stated previously, Utah is among the states that are making an overall proft. $2,547 is not the highest profit, but may point towards a positive trend if inspected closlely.

As expected, a closer study of the information revals that office supplies are rendering the highest profit in this state. What are we to expect if this positive trend continues?

Based on the quantity of sales, we should be selling an average of 208 quantities by November of 2015. This is a rise from the 177 unites sold on november of 2014.